Short- & Long-term Health with the Use of E-cigarettes

Since end of the last decade, a new wave has been reported, a new trend of inhaling vapor instead of smoke. You might have understood what it has to talk about. Yes, this about smoking habit. The propaganda made against e-cigaretcigarette smoking has issued enough warning to smoking addicts who were not going to quit smoking at any cost. The campaign against conventional cigarette smoking and advent of e-cigaret jointly have created a new habit of vaping.

Vaping is superior over smoking

The devices used for vaping such as e-cigarette have been designed to produce aerosol by heating mixtures of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavoring additives. Thus, heating is the method used here for vapor production, unlike in conventional smoking using combustion. This makes vaping superior over smoking, but not at all superior because vaping also has its drawbacks.

Short- and long-term health safety issues

The major issues in vaping are short-term and long-term health safety. Mouth and throat irritation, and dry cough due to aerosolized propylene glycol and glycerol are common short-term health safety issues, but this is not the main consideration in the use of e-cigaretter. The data on these types of issues are limited because these have not muche-cigaret relevance.

The medical professionals have more focus on long-term issues that have more relevance from the perspective of health, especially health of lungs. The dangers of secondhand and thirdhand aerosol exposure have not been thoroughly evaluated in scientific studies because exposure to the user has been pinpointed. Respiratory function impairment, irreparable lung damage, and serum cotinine levels are big issues of concern that are closely associated with the use of flavored e-væske. These issues have equal importance as in conventional cigarette smoking and thus, can’t be ignored.


We couldn’t ignore toxicity in cigarette smoking and can’t also ignore this impact in the use of e-cigarettes. This is an alert for e-cigarette users.