IFCJ has Helped to Address Holocaust Survivor’s Cause

It is a known fact that Holocaust survivors have spent a very tragic time with most of their families being wiped out during the period. The scar of the times has lived with them even after so many years and the worst part is that most Yael Ecksteinof them feel themselves as orphans without anyone to hold their arm. In such a condition, the ‘International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ)’ has done some really remarkable work for them so that they have received help, hope as well as the dignity that they deserve. The views of the survivors have been well-echoed by the Fellowship’s head, Yael Eckstein when she says that the Fellowship has tried to help these people so that they can believe themselves once again. Some of their efforts along with the programs are detailed here for understanding.

  • Elderlies can live with hope and dignity – Yael Eckstein has a very optimistic view regarding the Holocaust survivors and maintains that the IFCJ will continue to stand by them at all times so that they can live a life ofYael Eckstein dignity and hope. While speaking to her regarding the survivors there are some stories that are narrated by her which can move anyone. IFCJ has certainly arrived as a ray of hope for these old-age survivors who may have nowhere to go at their age! Certainly, it speaks of a very good intention on the part of the Fellowship so that these elderly souls can redeem themselves and live with pride.
  • Programs like ‘Isaiah 58’ have been well-received – Yael Eckstein provides a peek on how the Fellowship has been helping these survivors. there is particularly a program called ‘Isaiah 58’ that is specifically designed to their cause. What’s more, Holocaust survivors are found out through this program from different parts of the world and if they need relocation facilities, they are brought back to the country. It can be one of the greatest ways to help an individual so that one can live with honor.

Many Holocaust victims have been helped through IFCJ and that is itself a success of their well-designed program.