Can Titanium Be Replaced with Some Other Metal?

The use of titanium metal has been mounting since the time of its discovery, but there are still questions about use of this metal in many applications. No doubt, titanium is good to use in various forms and shapes because it can conveniently be transformed into sheets, wires, bars, ducts, and more desired forms and shapes due to its malleability and ductability.

ti tube

Titanium has great properties, but challenges

There are pros and cons associated with anything we use on this earth. Titanium is considered to be a great metal for multiple applications, especially as titanium piping and tubing, but here are challenges to use this metal. The limitations sometimes make us think about the worth of using this metal, but can’t ignore its great properties. Both physical and chemical properties of titanium depict superiority of this metal.

Examples of worth of titanium

Let’s have a look at few applications of titanium for its usefulness. Titanium pipe is one of the best forms to use in industrial applications. The corrosion resistance is an important factor in the chemical and petrochemical industries. The process equipments such as process vessels, valves, tanks and heat exchangers use this metal extensively for anti-corrosiveness. The undersea equipments use Ti tube due to its anti-corrosiveness. Thus, the industries and locations where corrosion is a major problem, titanium works well as a material in the equipments.

There’s no better metal than titanium

ti tube

The question is whether use of titanium can be discarded or replaced with some other metal. The answer is negative because titanium is already being used as a replacement of earlier used metals in many applications. There is no better metal compared to titanium in strength and corrosion resistance. Price may be the limitation, but durability and stability of this metal is its strength. Thus, its use can’t be discarded. The better option is to use titanium alloy where feasibility of using titanium alone is poor or price is the limitation, but titanium is the best.