An Assortment of RingWraps Designed Just for You

RingWraps offer a variety of designs to personalize and celebrate your class rings. RingWraps are a pair of diamond studded bands intricately designed to fit and hold a class ring. Its two-bar cradle design makes it easy to be detached from the ring. It offers from five already existing styles or you can personalize your own design for your university of Alabama class ring.

alabama class ringThe varieties offered are original, mini cascaded, cascaded, Kensington and crown. Of these, the Kensington and crown are the latest additions to their design repertoire.

Origin of Ringwraps

The original one was the initial design with which the founder of RingWraps, Emily started the business. It is simple yet elegant. The original one provides an opportunity to be upgraded later to the mini cascaded or cascaded version. The cascaded version flaunts a profound tapered ramification. The cascaded ring wrap offers a dramatic accentuation to the university of Alabama rings.

The mini cascaded one was designed on special request and released after the cascaded one. It offers a design and impact somewhere on the middle grounds of the original and cascaded one. Its size is bigger than the original but smaller than the cascaded and it offers the profound tapered effect of the cascaded one as well.alabama class ring

What’s new?

The latest additions of the Kensington and the crown expands their varieties. The Kensington ring wrap holds on to the basic design of the original one but has an impact of the mini cascaded version with a hint of sparkle. The crown is the most exquisite design that RingWraps has come up with till date. It is particularly designed with sophistication to meet people’s need of elegance and luxury at the same time.

To celebrate your Alabama class rings, one can also personalize their rings according to their own design and specifications. The only restriction followed by RingWraps is on the use of CZ crystals, white sapphire and moissanite.