The kind of organizational head needed

An organization is a group of people coming across with some common aim in mind, and therefore, they try to work in the similar direction to bring up efforts and accomplish the task predetermined.

Yael EcksteinAn organization is headed by management desk for sure, as it is full of people who have different ideologies with respect to their personal surroundings, and it is advisable, as a consequence, to declare some board of managers who would try to maximize the beneficial situations for the organization in particular, after keeping in mind that individual aims are pertinent to the success of the organization. Therefore, the management desk performs tasks which are headed towards achievement of predetermined goals of the organization.

Yael Eckstein has been selected as the new chief of IFCJ, that happens to be an organization created to support the cause of Jews and Christians in the world.

As there are numerous discriminatory causes running against the Jews in the world, it was essential to provide them with some kind of cover that gives them hope against all such negative vibes.Yael Eckstein

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has done a remarkable job in helping those who were in the dire need of help. Jews do now recognize Yael Eckstein as a central figure of their group, and seem to share their goals with her. As her father did, she tries to maximize the surplus part for the Jews who are facing loads of discriminating instances in different parts of the world. She has an aim to produce a locality in international terms that would try to help Jews, and would not discriminate at all with respect to some poor history causes, which seem to be highly pathetic in modern times. Therefore, Yael Eckstein has been the organizational head who was needed.