Titanium in jewelry

Titanium usage in industries

            Titanium has been used in number of industries since past few years. Industries are relying on usage of titanium for indigenous products. In the current times, you can purchase the titanium rings and also other kinds of glasses and jewelry. The metal is also well known for many its way in clothing. The nano particles of the titanium are been added to clothes for getting all kinds of benefits. You might have heard its usage as titanium piping but this is a different kind of usage.titanium piping

Use in clothing and jewelry

            Designers from world have chosen the titanium tube for creating their unique statement pieces. Right from the practical perspective it has been worth mentioning that titanium is the metal which never comes in contact with skin. Thus the titanium jewelries are a suitable choice for those who face allergies. Body pieces are made from titanium and they are given such considerations. Ti tube is well known material because of its high resistance to corrosion and that means that it can easily work in the corrosive environments such as water.

            The titanium materials can be combined with gold with the condition of making less usage of titanium in alloy. Titanium is marked as the 24 carat gold and in terms of hardness it is considered near to the 14 carat gold. But in case of durability it is much more durable than the 24 carat pure gold. It is the known fact that basically the titanium materials have the natural grey color. When it is anodized, it can be converted into different colors. There are number of shades. The metal is well known and appreciated for being light yet strong. It is also available in spectrum of colors thus attracting more number of customers.