Tiffs faced at the global level by Eckstein to promote IFCJ

There was an outburst at the synagogue by Eckstein who then entered an unsolicited centurial performance that could be seen from the pulpit of the ornate. This later turned into an angry dispute triggered between Eckstein and the community boss of the locality.This chaos led to the interruption of the interview that was conducted for Mr. Joel Mergui by the TV crew of Channel 10 in Israel.

IFCJ reviews It was a disbelief of Mergui that the crew members were arranged by Eckstein who were to record the interview so that Eckstein could create the scene in the background and then utilize the footage of the same for the purpose of fundraising and PR gains. He claimed it to be a trap arranged by Eckstein and then ended the interview in an abrupt manner. He did not want to be used as a prop for the commercials as he explained the same to the rabbi. The interviewers tried to convince that they had no links with the thoughts of Mergui on Eckstein’s arrangement but this landed up with no positive results.

This was the result of the numerous tiffs that Eckstein has applied before for gaining the attention of the public against his would be allies. This fight soared up with an eye of suspicion against Eckstein which was laterseen to boost his ego and provide an exacerbated appeal to his temperament.Eckstein has also appeared numerous times before the media and produced several infomercials, one of which was aired on the Christian channels and the Fox network in the US.IFCJ reviews

These have earlier led to the promotions of the projects of IFCJ thus increasing the IFCJ ratings and the IFCJ reviews at the same time. This also answered to thequestions of the people “Is IFCJ a good charity?” in a positive manner gaining in increase in the overall IFCJ rating worldwide.

Controversy between the IFCJ and the Ultra-Orthodox Jews


There was a huge controversy between the strict and orthodox leader Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliashiv and founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, Mr Yechiel Eckstein. The reason mainly being the orthodox community thought it was inappropriate for a certain group of Haredi Jews to secretly perform idol worship and be related to the Christian community and whatever way.IFCJ rating

Controversial affair between the Orthodox and IFCJ

In the year of 2009, just few months before the death of the a highly orthodox Jewish leader who was also a Lithunian-Haredi, Yosef Shalom Eliashiv issued a statement regarding the ban of Haredi Jews using the Fellowship’s funds since the news came in from somewhere stating that these particular group of people were the silent idol worshiper and there were involved in activities relating to Christian missionary and beliefs.  The outcome of such judgment was expected. It cause a rebellion among the IFCJ members especially Mr. Eckstein. As a response to the statement delivered by Yousef Shalom, IFCJ ratingMr. Eckstein proposed that he would expose all the Haredi-religious beneficiaries of the IFCR’s list so that equality is maintained and everything is done on a transparent basis. The entire IFCJ rating and IFCJ reviews took a toll after the incident. The biggest question that came in mind was ‘Is IFCJ a good charity?’.

The entire orthodox community became against the Fellowship and the leader of the community decided not to accept funds from the Fellowship which included Avraham Shapira, Edah HaChareidis, Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss.


In the year 2014, many religious leaders belonging to Zionism stated that it is prohibited to take money from the IFCJ. Many Israeli summer camps were in problem since the entire funding was made by the IFCJ. The Jews became angry and evidently the IFCJ rating showed enormous downfall.

Is IFCJ A Good Charity? – The Highs and Lows

When it comes to charities, the IFCJ is one of the most increasingly popular ones. Over the last decade or so, it has gained a ton of new members along with the good will of everyone else who has experienced something beneficial IFCJ reviewsfrom it. Made specifically for increasing the harmony between Jews and Christians worldwide, the charity programme that it has in store is worth looking into.

Keep in Mind

As mentioned before, the main objective of this organization and what you will find in IFCJ reviews all over the internet is to ensure that Jew lives are protected and their lifestyles bettered in every way imaginable. Not only that, the relationship between said Jews and Christians is also not the best given the history between the 2 factions. That is also something they strive to improve upon every day.

The Pros

There are certain benefits of being associated with this organization whether it is as a contributor or even as a worker. It is evident from the ton of good IFCJ ratings that you’ll find online. So here mentioned are some of them.

  • The pay itself is pretty good and the work you’ll be doing is fulfilling enough to get through the day on good terms.
  • The management is also very favourable on all levels and you will have a good time communicating withIFCJ reviews everyone else.
  • If you simply want to contribute to the charity, you will be pleased to know that your efforts are meaningful in nature and the money is actually used for something purposeful.

The Cons

Like all else, no company is perfect. There are some things that an IFCJ rating cannot show. Here are some of the cons that you will see.

  • Some people have reported that the work can get a bit monotonous and sometimes, the work that is done is not appreciated enough.

Final Picture

So the question that is begging to be asked is – Is IFCJ a good charity? The short answer to that is a Yes. However, you should feel free to try it out for yourself and then make a judgment. After all, there is nothing quite like self-experience.

How the IFCJ Rating Are Changing the World?

IFCJ ratings are slowly changing the lives of many hundreds and thousands of people all over the globe. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews which was established in 1983 has worked over the years to build a goodwill which justifies all its hard work.IFCJ reviews

There are a number of ways in which IFCJ is changing the world bit by bit. And the best way to explain them is to list their numerous programs and initiatives along with their impact on the intended people. They have been explained in great details as follows:

  • Guardians of Israel

After the numerous wars that have ravaged the country of Israel ceased, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews stepped forward to help its citizens in every way possible. And these ways include providing them with every basic human necessity to lead a normal and fulfilling life. These services include medical treatment, rehabilitation programs, food and shelter among many others.

  • Stand for Israel

IFCJ reviews have shown that they understand that there are a lot of people out there who need help to live a better life. It has also encountered a large number of people who are compassionate and willing to help out the aforementioned people. And in order to bring together such people the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has established the program of Stand for Israel. It serves a means of uniting the needy with the volunteers who are willing to help out such people in need.IFCJ reviews

  • Isaiah 58

There are a large number of elderly Jews living in the Soviet Union who are in desperate need of help. And in order to help they get the right medical attention along with proper food and care, the Isaiah 58 program was established as reports IFCJ rating.

This is just a glimpse of the impact of IFCJ and answers every question regarding is IFCJ a good charity.

The Man Behind Success of IFCJ & Activities and Programs That Created This Success

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews or “the Fellowship”, commonly referred to as IFCJ is a non-profit charity organization, founded in 1983, and has global existence in many countries. The organization, founded by Yechiel Eckstein, has a clear goal to promote understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians, and build broad support for the State of Israel. The Fellowship is recognized as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of United States.


The man behind success of IFCI

Yechiel was an American rabbi and founder head of this organization who served this organization in the same capacity for 35 years. He died in Jerusalem, Israel recently on February 06, 2019. Rabbi Yechiel had great contributions to this organization. The impressive IFCJ ratings throughout are due to contribution of Rabbi Yechiel.

IFCJ: A good charity

Is IFCJ a good charity? Truly, this organization is a good charity, except some controversies happened during 2009 and 2014, but these controversies didn’t make a difference in its efficient operation. The controversies not much effected IFCJ rating as well. The seamless performance of 35 years is a great achievement to rate any non-profit organization a good charity.IFCJ

IFCJ programs and events

The Fellowship held quite a large number of events in various countries since its existence. Initially, the Fellowship had focus on five major programs: On Wings of Eagles, Guardians of Israel, Isaiah 58, Stand for Israel, and 4Zion. The major targeted regions are Israel and the former Soviet Union (FSU), but more regions such as Ethiopia, Europe, Arab lands, and many other countries across the globe are also on the list of this fellowship.

IFCJ expansion

Read IFCJ reviews about IFCJ’s recent expansion. IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline, the four-year expansion program has an objective to serve penurious elderly Jews across the FSU for their despairing food, medicine, and medical care needs. This expansion has enhanced value of this Fellowship.

How Can The IFCJ Reviews Help Us Know The Organization?

The Jews and the Christians, despite sharing the same place of origin and quite a lot of religious faiths, have a lengthyrecord of reciprocalmistrust and hostility. Among those people who wished for an end of this enmity, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was afamous one. The IFCJ is the creation of this Canadian rabbi, set up with the objective of lending a hand to the Jewish people in need from all over the world, in particular in Israel. The crucialtraits of the group are explained here:



Rabbi Eckstein established the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews in the year 1983 in Chicago. The most importantendeavor of the organizationright from the start was to make the bond between the two communities stronger. According todifferent IFCJ reviews, the chieftarget of the association was the support of the helpless Jewish people, the survivors of the Holocaust, poor Jewish refugees, deprivedold people, and so on. It is owing to the Fellowship that a much stronger attachment has been created between the Jews and associates of the evangelical assemblies.


If we search ‘is IFCJ a good charity’ on the internet, we will mostly get positiveanswers and also find that the IFCJ ratingsare always very high. The institute has achieved the encouraging reception of being one among the leading nonprofit organizations who are working sincerely for Israel. The aspects involved in keeping upanadmirableIFCJ rating are:


  • Successfulcollectionof around $140 million per year as the endowment
  • Serving the Jewish expatriates in the period of the mass departure of the 1990s
  • Providing the poor and homeless with basic amenities like food and shelter

Added to these, they got worldwiderecognition for having international centers in over 25 countries including Israel.

Charity or Scam – About International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

IFCJ is a renowned organization in Israel that was founded in 1983. Its founder Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is primarily involved in maintaining cordial relations between Christian and Jewish communities. His motto is to build support for the immigrant nation of Israel.

Headquartered in Jerusalem and Chicago, the organization aims at welfare and support for all the people living in Israel.IFCJ

Is IFCJ a good charity?

Some words of caution from various sources:

The organization is a non-believer of Jesus. Primarily, this is one of the main reasons, why some are skeptical of the operations of this organization.

They do not have any written statement, denoting the faith.

Some have queries, regarding the usage of funds raised in 2016, which alone amounts to $ 129 million.

The commercials prepared and advertised on the media channels are heart wrenching and aim at bringing about change in the mind set. Some people want to safe guard the community and other individuals, to be able to keep a check on emotions.

So, there are various views coming from various avenues.  It lies in the hands of the community to find out more about the true nature of the Fellowship.

IFCJ Ratings

The IFCJ rating is different from varied avenues. Some say, the Rabbi is fooling people. The Rabbi’s salary is stated at $1.2 million. Some have this question in mind, as to where such huge funds come from, especially for Non-profit organization.IFJC

However, there have been reports that the organization is actually going out to help and support the Israel community. Jews are witness to the workings of the organization and are fully in support of the Rabbi.

IFCJ Reviews

There are two points of view, on this as well. Some are for and some against the Rabbi. Now, after his death, the organization has been taken over by his daughter. Only time will tell, what beholds.

IFCJ Ratings Clarify the Fact That It Succeed Uniting Christians with Jews

IFCJ unites the Christian and the Jews
The ‘International Fellowship of Christians and Jews’ or IFCJ is an organization of charity that grasped the attention of the people all over the world. Due to the indomitable urge of the members through years, this charity has reached a position that it deserves respect from the Christians and the Jews throughout the globe.IFCJ The task of uniting the Christians and the Jews has been a long process on the part of the organization.
A question can come in your mind that Is IFCJ a good charity? The answer will be yes. But before you give your reply in positive, you need to know each and everything about the charity to get yourself acquainted with it.
So receive updates from the said charity if you really want to donate and assist its members. You can have a glimpse at the IFCJ reviews to know how beneficial the charity has been over years.
Role of Better Business Bureau (BBB) in assisting IFCJ
Regarding IFCJ rating the ‘International Fellowship of Christians and Jews’ has a rating concerning “meets standards” with the website of BBB. But now it will be better to clarify that how the website assists the organization in its activities. First of all it acts as an assistant to IFCJ in removing poverty forever on the part of the Jews and therefore helps them to come back to Israel.
Other programs of the BBB website include providing help in Israel and other countries throughout the world on ifcjhumanitarian grounds. It serves those distressed people who are the victims of terror and war. It conducts program in arranging shelters for the children and elders thereby providing them with medicine, warm meals as well as clothing. It also provides food and clothing to the Israel’s soldiers. For it IFCJ ratings are so high.
The Charity assembles with standards each of which is related to governance along with a ‘board of directors of 11 people.’ They offer oversight concerning operations of IFCJ.

Feasibility of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

A surgical procedure usually involves an incision on the skin, muscle and the body’s organ to be operated. This is a procedure in which there is huge blood loss, long-recovery period, and sometimes risk of post-surgical infection. One or more units of blood is needed to recover the blood loss. Cardiac surgery is one of the major surgical procedures since the time first such operation was performed. The heart pumps the blood to the entire body which means a greater risk is involved when someone’s heart is opened for a surgical procedure.roberto casula

Feasibility of minimally invasive cardiac surgery

The cardiac surgeons are not only concerned about the patient’s heart condition during surgical procedure but also concerned about post-surgical effects. Heart surgery is a challenging procedure but for cardiac surgeons like Roberto Casula, this is not as challenging as most other surgeons. Why? Dr. Casula is specialized in minimally invasive cardiac surgical procedures. He is also a robotic surgeon. Minimally invasive procedures do not eliminate risks associated with cardiac surgery completely, but risks are lower and a patient has better feasibility of fast recovery after the surgery.

Benefits of minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery is breaking of a complex procedure into a simple procedure. The latter reduces surgeon’s efforts because he has wide access to an organ that needs to be operated, but a high skill is required for this procedure. From a patient’s perspective, minimally invasive cardiac surgery has lower risks, less painful and faster recovery. A surgeon like Roberto Casula makes it simpler for a patient through his skill.roberto casula

What’s the consideration?

The issue is whether minimally invasive surgery is always feasible. The high cost of surgery, especially a fee of a skilled surgeon like Roberto Casula is a considerable aspect of this procedure, else it is an effective technique for critical heart conditions from the perspectives of factors mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The Rise of Roberto Casula Is Good Enough To Motivate Our Young Generations

The rapid rise of Roberto casula through the ranks at eni is nothing less of a fairy tale. Born in the beautiful city of Italy, Cagliari; Mr. Casula did his graduation in Mining Engineering from the famed University of Cagliari in 1988.

The early life of Roberto casula:

Once done with his studies, he joined a leading oil and gas major company Agip S.p.A in the post of Reservoir engineer. But he was destined for bigger things in life; holding some odd position from 1991 to 1997 until he landed the job of Development and Production Coordinator at Eni S.p.A at the office located in Milan. In his current position, his work was to look after business done by the company in Western and Eastern Africa and some parts of the Caspian Sea area.roberto casula

The leading role he played for the betterment of the company:

 Due to his exceptional work which helped the company to improve their hold in that region, he got promoted to the role of Department Manager dealing with all the technical aspects of the company. He shined in his new position, and the following year he got rewarded for his work and was selected for the Projector Director role where he played a leading in the massive project in Iran named South Pars Gas 4-5. Due to his continuous quality work in 2004, Roberto casula eni nominated him for the role of Managing Director at the subsidiary company titled Mediterranea Idrocarburi which specialized in Sicilian activities.roberto casula

The position of Vice President and the controversies:

In 2005, he once again got elected for the Managing Director position of the Tripoli seat, and following another spell of good work in 2007, the company appointed him as the Senior Vice President for Sub-Saharan Region. In 2011, he was honored with more responsibilities as he replaced the outgoing Executive Vice President for the African and Middle-Eastern region of business. Recently, a piece of news broke out where he took a leave of absence when a severe allegation of corruption surfaced against his name.