The challenges before Jewish community

The Jewish communities have been facing a modern threat since the onset of 20th century, from when their status in the society has been questioned. Being no different in the eyes of the merciful Father, the Jews have been discriminated again and again over time, which has resulted into low profile for them. Every nation sees them as a threat to society, out of racism of course. IFCJ rating The evils of racism can be quite dreadful for the society in its totality for the simple reason that discrimination against any social group has never been so much fruitful as it seems to be. Therefore, it is required by everyone to be just, fair and nice to every other single person, in order to create the essence of brotherhood and let it flow inside the veins of all.

IFCJ is an organization that provides fellowship to all Jewish communal groups, who have been sidelined and left behind by the majority of people, living in those particular areas. IFCJ ratingIFCJ reviews and IFCJ ratings, in particular have been a great relief for all those who want testimonies to create a safe space inside their heads. The organization has been able to accumulate a big fund suitable enough for helping the brothers of the community with whatever they need to have to their own cause of good. Is IFCJ a good charity? The answer lies in the IFCJ rating that give great prospect to those who have been looking for a common platform to help their own cause. Therefore, it is a counter attack towards all those challenges that tend to threaten the existing norms of Jews in the world, especially regions of Former Soviet Union and Europe. Hence, the challenges are being fought off with bright senses and there is no regret no more.

The social responsibility of the Jewish community

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) is a fundraising organization founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. The IFCJ raises massive donations for those who are in need and unprivileged. The past and present leaders of this organization have been involved in charitable practices. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein were the greatest leaders who followed Jewish ethical practices and contributed their life for the greater good of mankind. They both understood their social responsibility and worked towards it. Even if they were a lot different from one another but their motive was the same.

The social responsibility of mankind

Yechiel Eckstein

It is the moral obligation of mankind to help the poor. It is the responsibility of all to support those who are in need either with money or other articles. The biography of Yechiel Eckstein not only illustrates his work but it also inspires people to work with the objective of working for the poor.

Charity is the social responsibility that must be followed

You can know more about the amazing organization by having access to the IFCJ reviews. You can learn about the fellowship that is followed by the Christians and Jews. Yechiel EcksteinBy following the organization you will be able to collect more information about Rabbi Eckstein from the legendary writers and the biographers. After reading the book you will definitely learn the importance of donation and charity and you will realize that it is your social responsibility to take the amount out and spend it in the social responsibility you hold.

Bottom line

The purpose of the above post is to make you understand what charity really is and how important it could be. You need to be humanism enough to keep aside a short amount of the earning and spend it for the betterment of the needy people.

Stay Uplifted In Thoughts And Mindset

Time passes and so the thoughts and thinking process of the masses change. There is no set criteria for the people to take decisions or plan their actions. However, certain concepts are enough for the people to think seriously. Such as IFCJ, which has become quite famous with the significant actions taken within very least time duration. In addition to which, it has also made people aware all across the globe regarding the conditions of the groups and communities that are being suppressed by the political interference on the major level.

Is IFCJ a good charity, receives mixed bag of responses from different corners of the world. Since the groups that are in need of the donations and financial support can easily identify the betterment of the specific cause. However different political parties and leaders are not able to accept the charity, as the need of jewish and some other community of people. For them power means everything and they are not able to accept any such causes for the betterment of the mankind. They are not bothered if weaker sections or children are not able to meet with their bare necessities.


IFCJ ratings have guided huge number of people. In order to make sure, that the cause of human upliftment is as necessary as the survival of each species. It helped the people to understand the seriousness needed for the growth of every section. IFCJ reviews are quite real and original, in terms of the genuine people providing their neutral feedback and thought process. So that, IFCJ rating can act as an eye opener for the people whosoever is getting involved with the same. The best part is that the actions are getting done in reality and not for the sake of getting the popularity among big number of people.

Cardiac Robotics: Future of Heart Surgery

Past era of cardiac surgery has been quite painful. Though surgeons were not pleased with traditional surgical procedures, yet there was no other option for them. They required a greater degree of manual skill to perform traditional surgical procedures and the risks were also very high. From a patient’s perspective, heart surgery was like a battle between life and death. The mortality rate in heart surgery was high until progress was achieved in invention of new techniques.

How newer techniques eased cardiac surgery

The innovative techniques to perform heart surgery not only created ease for surgeons but also offered relief to patients by alleviating risks involved in such type of procedures. It made a big difference in the field of cardiac surgery. Few renowned surgeons like Daniel Hale Williams, Christian Bernard, Francisco Arabia, Roberto Casula, Naresh Trehan, and few more great names earned fame in the field of complex cardiac surgeries and heart transplants. Cardiac surgery remained a complex topic since ancient time. Surgery was no easy in the ancient time, but the procedure got a boost after introduction of anesthesia, and later new surgical, techniques.

Roberto Casula

Challenges in newer techniques

The major breakthrough was achieved after introduction of laparoscopy. Today, cardiac robotics is most popular field of study for medical professionals. However, medical science couldn’t get away with challenges created by innovative techniques. Greater degree of reduction in motion of surgeons’ hands was the major advantage of newer techniques, but they needed experienced assistance. Reduced tangible feedback and imprecise depth perception were some other problems in the newer techniques. Cardiac robotics could combat with most major problems because robots are programmed for precise performance.

Cardiac robotics is future of heart surgery

We can’t say cardiac robotics as an innovation now because this technique in use for past few years and many surgeons have acquired skill in cardiac robotics. Once more surgeons have strong perception of this technique, it will be great feat in the field of cardiac surgery.

Effective Tips To Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis happens to be one of the deadliest diseases but luckily, it can be prevented. Millions of people are known to suffer from this bone disease. Osteoporose is a condition where your bones become fragile and brittle due to loss of tissues. This mainly results from hormonal changes or lack of calcium. Women are more prone to osteoporosis as they already have a weaker bone structure than men. In order to prevent osteoporosis, you need to take good care of your bones from an early age. We have listed some effective tips that can help you to prevent this deadly disease.

Tips To Follow


Tratamento osteoporose can be an expensive affair. Not only that, but it is also painful for your body as well. This is why it is important that you take good care of your bones. Here are some of the tips to follow.

  1. Exercise

You need to exercise your bones regularly. This will help you to make your bones stronger. Weight-bearing exercises are considered to be the best for your bones. Exercises like aerobics, dancing, jogging, climbing stairs are the best form of exercises that you should do.

  1. Take calcium and vitamin Dosteoporose

Calcium and vitamin D is considered to be good for your bone health. Lack of calcium may break down your bones. This basically means that you are losing bone mass. It is important that you take calcium-rich foods like fat-free dairy products, salmons with bones and even calcium supplements. As far as vitamin D is concerned, it helps your body to absorb the calcium. Therefore, you need to take both the nutrients together to get the best results. Food items like fatty fish, egg yolks and cereal contain vitamin D.

Maintain your bone health so that you don’t have to suffer later. Follow the tips mentioned and you can prevent the disease from affecting your bones.

Everything to Know About the IFCJ and Its Charity Programs

What is the IFCJ?

The IFCJ or the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is an organization that has been founded for the benefit and wellbeing of Jews from all around the world. It is a well-known thing that their racial history has been filled with tragedy and sacrifice. As such, it was always going to take some effort to bring them back to the way they once were.


They have a variety of different programs that they provide. You can find these written on their website and it includes:

  • Assisting Jews to escape poverty
  • Getting rid of anti-Semitism
  • Helping said Jews return to Israel
  • Providing meals to children and the elderly


This is why you will find that IFCJ ratings are pretty positive overall. This is the kind of charity that actually gets something done and in the last decade, they have been doing exactly that.

About their Charity

The most asked question regarding such an organization will almost always be something along the lines of Is IFCJ a good charity? The short answer to that is a Yes. Ever since its foundation, it has done nothing short of tremendous work and the life of Jews has been bettered everywhere.


The best part about this entire charity is the fact that the members are always active at all times. Their board have meetings very regularly to discuss the quality of living for Jews and how it can be improved further. Not only that, the board members are all unpaid so it isn’t something that they’re doing for money. As such, it is not too difficult to guess why you will always see a positive IFCJ rating no matter where you search.


If you want to contribute to the Jewish way of life and their society, then perhaps you too can contribute to this charity. Refer to some more IFCJ reviews if you still remain unconvinced. But rest assured you will definitely not regret spending your time and effort on something like this.

A Brief Glimpse into the Life of Roberto Casula

A pragmatic goal setter, who has always preached the idea of smart work as well as hard work while relying on one’s own wisdom and strategies, Roberto Casula is a clever businessmen as well as a realistic entrepreneur in today’s competitive era.

Known for his organisational ideals, and clear visions, the man’s biography is nothing short of achievements and accomplishments all attributed to his loyalty, sincerity and his passion towards building a better world day after day.

Born in Cagliari, Italy he soon paved his degree on Mining Engineering towards the much needed matter of the globe i.e. Oil and Gas matters on a global and economic perspective. His interest in the energy industry too invokes many attention while his ordeals and beliefs that countries need to maintain the perfect of need and supply while bearing with the ever changing climatic scenarios is well presented in the MIT Energy Initiative, 2016.

A sustainable future

Roberto Casula

The Initiative also highlighted his concern towards energy sustainability in the present world as well as in the coming years where population along with equal energy demands will be rising by a considerable percentage. He stressed on the global engagement, working as a unit towards energy sustainability and facing the environmental needs and demands collectively.

Roberto Casula Eni focuses on his major stance as the Managerial Director in Eni SpA and its subsidiaries too as the Senior Vice President and as the Executive VP. Thus, his work from a middle level of management to the shift of paradigm in his thoughts towards strategic perspective was well showcased in his brilliant endeavours.

Studying and living through the many cultural and technical backgrounds, he has allowed his wisdom to expand and cover the various technical, non-technical issues in all contexts that fuelled his passion towards working for the environment while serving his profession.

Rabbi Yechiel Epstein Who Was Well Known For His Regards To Thousands Of Jews Dies At A Cardiac Arrest  

Various awards

The economic forum recognized him with Jerusalem Prize and many awards and honours from 100 additional groups include Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Chamah, Colel Chabad and Hadassah and many more. His companionship expressed deep sorrow for the loss; his death was unexpected and left many in shock.

They mentioned Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein committed his whole life for the welfare of Israel’s and the Jewish communities. His work as a part of IFCJ helped many unsafe and distressed people in society and Israeli and much Jewish communities all over the world. Rabbi Eckstein’s remarkable gift was uniting communities of Christian Evangelical in U.S.A and throughout the world to help and cooperate with the peoples of Israel.

rabbi yechiel Eckstein

What he sowed in the last 40 years, people of Israel are enjoying the benefits now in various sectors of social services, diplomacy and tourism. IFCJ reviews include are overwhelming.

His works

Rabbi Eckstein worked in the grounds, with the representatives of Chabad, where his comradeship assisted directly ten thousand Jews starting from refugees in Ukraine war to the poor families and orphans situating in Belarus and the elderly feeble citizens in Moscow.

Federation of Jewish Community honoured him with the award of man of the year, in Kremlin, Moscow. Yechiel Epstein was the board member as well as the executive committee member of IFCJ and with IFCJ he was felicitated with prestigious Raoul Wallenberg Award.

Being the head and president of the non-profit organization International Fellowship of Christians and Jews in the year 1983 he gathered donations of more than millions of dollars, majorly from Christians to serve underprivileged Arabs and Jews in Israel and all over the world.

The impression he left on the minds of Jewish people mirrored the large number of commendation they offered in the aftermath of his death within an hour.

A Look into the Life of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Following His Sudden Demise of Heart Attack  

Introduction: From time to time the Jewish population bless our world with a person who changed the world for good; previously it was Jesus Christ and in recent time’s rabbi yechiel Eckstein or his disciples wanted to believe. The famed rabbi who dedicated his life in the upliftment of his population passed away at the age of 67 from a heart attack. In this article, we will study closely about his life and how he went on to become the embodiment of Jesus in the modern era.

The journey of rabbi Eckstein:

rabbi yechiel Eckstein

The famed rabbi named yechiel Eckstein was born on 11th July of 1951 in Winthrop to a chief rabbi of Canada and a homemaker. He spent a significant amount of his child and adulthood in Ottawa until he moved to New York to complete his bachelor’s degree in Jewish philosophy from Yeshiva University. During his time at the University, he got himself ordained to become a rabbi in 1975. He later went to complete his master’s degree in Philosophy from Columbia University.

What forced him to set up his fellowship?

The rabbi began his career by working for ADL. In who sent him to Skokie, Ill., which helped to mould his mind to become what he later turned in life. In the region, the neo-Nazis were conducting a demonstration in the places which was home to many Holocaust survivors. While his stay in Skokie, rabbi Eckstein tried to educate and cultivate the survivors by teaching them literal interpretations from the Bible which stated Jews as the chosen people of God.

The work of IFCJ and the success: Once he realised, that he was not going to get much support from ADL, he left them and set up his fellowship named IFCJ which helped in the upliftment of his people. The IFCJ reviews further stamped the seal of acceptance, that his work to protect the Jewish was not a charade and he tried to make a difference.

Engineering and Beyond: How Roberto Casula Changed Businesses

Beginning one’s journey isn’t a hardship. However, leading one is while maintaining the steep graph to reach your ambition and chasing your dreams. Success is a momentary affair while excellence is a continued progression that a dreamer as well as an achiever knows too well. There are brilliant examples today in this entrepreneurship era where people, ones who were a part of the general crowd turned out to be extraordinary all because of their exceptional thoughts and the extra hard and smart work they did.

One such example is that of Roberto Casula. Born in Cagliari back in 1962, Roberto has achieved many feats, owing to his ambitious stride and with his over achieving visions. A figure who believes in discipline, ending the day keeping tomorrow in mind, and waking up to a new morning with the day’s events planned is surely someone who knows what he has been doing.

After graduating from University of Cagliari as a mining Engineer in 1988, he began his professional journey as a Reservoir engineer in Agip S.P.A., a major Oil & Gas Company in Italy he continued as Petroleum Engineer for a while until he was titled as the Chief Development and Production Engineer in Agip Angola Ltd.

Roberto Casula Eni: Agip and beyond

He began his journey in the Eni S.p.A. with the position of Development and Production Coordinator in 1997, moving forward as the Department Manager for Technical Services, Project Director, followed by Managing Director, Senior Vice President and Executive Vice President for Middle Eastern and African areas.

He served as Eni’s Chief Development, Operations and Techinical Officer from 2014 to 2018 while also serving as the Chairman of the Board of Versalis SpA (chemicals) and Chairman of Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association.

Well, the man is certainly an inspirational figure for the thousands of aspirants and the youth all around the globe.